What is an MBA and what is it for?

For its acronym in English a Master of Business Administration (MBA), is one of the most popular postgraduate studies internationally, which is commonly recommended to consecrated professionals or graduates who wish to specialize, develop skills and improve management practices .
The origin of this master’s degree goes back to the traditional postgraduate studies of American universities, when the results obtained by people who carried out said study had a positive percentage, this soon spread to universities around the world and private business schools.

Why study an MBA?

There are several reasons why a person decides to begin the study of this master’s degree, however all lead to the same purpose, acquire skills and business strategies essential for effective decision making within the company in which they work.
Like any specialization, the MBA brings benefits that in the long term will be recognized both in the workplace and personal of the professional, among the main advantages of presenting itself to the business world as a person with vision and skills that will lead to success for the company, brand or firm.


The Full-time MBA, Master in Business Management (MEDE) is a program aimed at young people with high potential that offers academic and human training aimed at enhancing their skills to achieve leadership positions in the short term.


Prepare high level professionals who can face and efficiently meet the challenges and needs of society, in conjunction with sectors immersed in the use of specialized resources in administration, decision making, management and direction of national and international organizations.

Participants will undergo a process of transformation in which they will develop leadership experience, decision making and strategic thinking, which will enable the graduate to accelerate their growth and perform professionally with solid foundations to compete in the international market, with a human approach to business.

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